Seasoning Cookware

Don't go above the smoke point!

January 22, 2023

Recently I was getting ready for a relaxing evening of seasoning several pieces of cast iron cookware, using the Lodge instructions with canola or vegetable oil. I thought I had some canola oil in the pantry, but I didn't. All I had was (unrefined!) coconut oil. In researching if/how to do this, I found the first article in the appendix . . .

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A groundbreaking new way to think about Fahrenheit and Celsius

October 06, 2021

I have come up with a new way to think about Fahrenheit and Celsius. Behold, my masterpiece:

Very Water Very
Cold Freezes Nice Hot
-20C 0C 20C 40C
 0F 32F 70F 100F
 | | | |
 | | |
 40F 50F 82F
 4C 10C 28C

Read on to learn about how this amazing . . .

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N95 / FFP2 respirators

September 11, 2021

Here are a few observations about the different masks I've tried over the months. I wasn't very invested in researching this before I was vaccinated because I was a hardcore hermit. Now I ride the metro and go into stores if wearing a mask.

My favorite mask so far

The 3M 9320 (UK/EU), 9205+ or 9210+ (US) is . . .

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What are the world's largest healthcare systems?

January 30, 2020

Something that I am amazed rarely gets discussed in the universal healthcare discussion is the fact that the US operates three successful and, by many metrics, popular and appreciated universal health systems: Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA. I finally sat down to pull together some simple stats to compare these systems.

I could make . . .

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John's Strength Workout

January 04, 2020

Here's a workout I've evolved over time when friends ask for one. I figured I'd publish it here so it's easy to share and so my millions of blog reader can benefit from it.

Eventually I'll write up my manifesto about why everyone should do a boring, simple, regular light strength training workout and skip pretty . . .

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Design Thinking

February 04, 2015

My friend Josh Cohen just introduced me to Design Thinking, a methodology for working toward a product which solves a problem. It takes 90 minutes (actually we watched most of the video at 1.25 speed...) to go through several phases of exploring the needs of a person who has a problem and working toward a solution. It's a very non-rigid . . .

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Here's How Apple Can Make the Best Television in the Industry

May 04, 2014

Rumors abound about Apple making a televison (not to be confused with the existing product, the Apple TV). Here's a good roundup of the rumors.

When considering if Apple might enter an existing market, we consider if they can advance the space enough to differentiate themselves and find ongoing success. We also consider if their . . .

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